Module 1: Your Image Check UP

In this week you will find out what the most prominent dimension is for your image.

  • Day 1. Welcome and introduction to Image Building with Archetypes I will share with you what I know about the 7 Vices model and how wonderful and awesome it works both visual and emotional for your image building strategy.
  • Day 2. Image Check up: Which archetype are you? Let’s first find out what you are doing right now for your image. What is your image like? Let’s take the free archetype quick scan I made especially to assess your present most prominent aspect in your image. What is your favorite Archetype? When we know your favorite archetype we will address the strongest attributes of your image and how and when and with whom you can best show that.
  • Day 3. For the passionate ones Lessons in shining your light like Marilyn Monroe & Elvis Presley
  • Day 4. For the feisty ones Lessons in taking control like Ana Wintour & Steve Jobs.
  • Day 5. For the strong ones Lessons in building your legacy like Margaret Thatcher & Nelson Mandela
  • Day 6. For the sensitive ones Lessons in the power of sensitive subtlety like Princess Diana & Perez Hilton.
  • Day 7. Let’s do absolutely nothing Enjoy life.
Module 2: Adding dimensions to your image

Now we know what Archetype is your favorite one and how & when you can emphasize that specific archetype.

  • Day 8 Where does your image need extra care and attention? Are you dealing with low visibility? Disrespect your boundaries? Or would you like people to take you seriously? Or do you experience jealousy from other women or men? Are you experiencing people talk not so positively behind your back? Do they think you are too aggressive? Or a bitch/’bastard’ maybe? Or too cold? Unapproachable? Not one of the team/guys? Not a natural team player or natural leader?   We are going to talk about how archetypes have a shadow side and how they can hurt your image and hinder your personal effectiveness. That is why we will be addressing your second (and maybe also third and forth) archetype. How you can use them to your benefit and how you can integrate them subtle yet effective to finally finish with the most career blocking issues you face now.
  • Day 9 Getting a higher visibility 
  • Day 10 Attracting authority & respect
  • Day 11 Becoming accepted in a team
  • Day 12 Becoming powerful and maybe even feared factor in office politics
  • Day 13 What people say behind your back helps. How you can learn from the shadow side of your favorite archetype. And how your colleagues are teaching you to become more dimensional as a person.
  • Day 14. Let’s do absolutely nothing Enjoy life.
Module 3. Giving strength to your Image outside in: Wardrobe Armour

This module you will learn exactly how to dress up or down according to the archetype you need to emphasize.

  • Day 15 Dress like the Archetype Whore / Savior
  • Day 16 Dress like the Archetype Frump / Judas
  • Day 17 Dress like the Archetype Witch / Devil
  • Day 18 Dress like the Archetype Virgin / God
  • Day 19 Why your physical appearance does not matter (but helps)
  • Day 20 Consistency: Why the total look is more important than one hot detail.
  • Day 21 Rest
Module 4: Adding Depth to your image Inside out: Heart & Soul

We can shop and dress, shop and dress but if you’re not feeling it. They will not be believing it! There are more ways that lead to Rome and also there are more ways to transform your self into the archetype that helps you get the best results pronto!

  • Day 22 How to transform into the radiant, enthusiastic one:  Lessons of how to tame the energy of Lust
  • Day 23 How to transform into the invisible silent, subtle one: Lessons in how to tame the energy of Envy
  • Day 24 How to transform into the feisty one:  Lessons in how to tame the energy of Anger
  • Day 25 How to transform into the strong one: Lessons in how to tame the energy of Vanity
  • Day 26 Why balance brings respect 
  • Day 27 Why balance brings abundance
  • Day 28 Rest And do that blissful nothing again
Bonus 1. Giving Purpose to your Image: Dream board exercise
We will use the last two days of the 30 days Build Your Image challenge for extra exercises. On day 29 we will go into adding purpose to your image. This exercise will help you become clear who you are and what you desire in your life. As soon as you know what you really really really want in your life, it becomes clear where you were and where you want to be. Also who you were and who you want to become. As a result you find out how your dream board can help you make clear if the problems you are dealing with are actually worth transforming your archetype profile for. Sometimes it is you who needs to grow and transform. But sometimes it is not your job to transform but to accept and deal with what you experience around you. This is about timing, patience, opportunities and the magic that seems to be like divine order.
Bonus 2. Giving your image space to act: Building Support platform
We will use the last two days of the 30 days Build Your Image challenge for extra exercises. On day 30 it is about giving your image space. The more support you enjoy the more you can experience freedom of movement in your image and behavior. This module helps you how to build your support at the office and at home. With a great support platform, the versatile & clear image and the higher dream you will be able to have some real magic happening in your career.

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psHello, Thank you for considering this free Build your Professional Image Ecourse. My name is Ellen Soentken. I am an image & leadership expert and have found the solution to build your professional image, fine tune it with huge impact on your presence at work.  I remember the first attempts to give my leadership trainings & speeches. I was eager to succeed and I made a list of what other trainers were doing in their communication & teaching styles. Also I was peeking to the popular tactics in marketing and sales. So I thought I had the work done properly, the right outfit, my hair was fine, I had the presentation, learned the right moves and had a big mission in empowering people. Female executives at that time in particular. The trainings were sold out. I was asked to write a book about one special element in this female leadership empowerment training (the later bestseller De 7 Ondeugden van vrouwelijke managers, transl. The 7 Vices of female executives). But when I was giving the training I could not get a good chemistry with the women in the audience. I had to go back to the drawing board and clean up my own image real quick! I used the very same model (the 7 Vices Personality Type model) I h5e1e7c514dad developed to teach female executives to boost their image and I took it to heart big big big time. It was amazing to see the evaluations rize higher and higher.  Speaking engagements flooded in. Workshops were sold out again and again and…   high appreciation grades!!!  Updating and fine-tuning your image is easy as pie. According to the needs of the audience (or the person on the other side of the table). You can reconnected with who you are and find ways to grow and become who you like to see yourself ‘when you are older’. Luckily many years later I feel like the training or meeting room is my arena. And so can you! Leading a training, speech, interview or meeting is not a task.  It is a joy.

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