I am Ellen Soentken (pronounced Sunt-ken)

* I am #22 on the list of best speakers in the Netherlands (source Management Team)
* I am the author of the Dutch bestseller De zeven ondeugden van vrouwelijke managers (trans. The 7 Vices of female managers)
Companies hire me as a speaker, trainer or coach to motivate their people (employees and clients). I give them insight into human behavior and the effect of different leadership styles on motivation.
* I can show you creepy researchresults on motivation and personality types of the 7 Vices.
(I have done research on the matter in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam and multinationals Shell, Philips, ING and HP).
I love chocolade and chips (natural). I prefer to have a snack party when my husband and I watch the Hunger Games (or The Matrix, Star Wars, Selfridges, House of Cards or Modern Family).
I am a closeted spiritual. I love to read in the old books, also my mind gets going with work from Jung, Wolf, Hay and Campbell. I am interested in the language of symbols and all things seemingly inexplicable and marvel at the miracle of life.
I am the real deal. I AM the creator and sole owner of the 7 Vices personality type model. (This is quite rare and I am pretty proud of this accomplishment. It was and is a tough road, let me tell you)

* Professionals compare my 7 Vices Model with MBTI and Management Drives, except the 7 Vices is more ‘kick ass’.

I have a MSc degree in Social Cultural Sciences  specialized in ‘what works for female leaders’.
For my thesis I have had the honor to interview dutch female leadership icons like Neelie Kroes, Yvonne van Rooy, Cox Habbema and Sylvia Toth.
I also have a BBA degree (Nyenrode University).
Before I started my own company in 2002 I used to work in the media as a project manager of multi media projects for the biggest clients of VNU/ilse media (now the company is called Sanoma). Some used to call me ‘the pitbull’. But that was a long time ago. I have become a lot milder and patient since.
I am married, we have 4 kids (one 7, twins of 5 and a toddler of 2).