Day 2.

Image Check up: Which archetype are you? Let’s first find out what you are doing right now for your image. What is your image like? Let’s take the free archetype quick scan I made especially to assess your present most prominent aspect in your image. What is your favorite Archetype? When we know your favorite archetype we will address the strongest attributes of your image and how and when and with whom you can best show that.

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1Watch video for Day 2
2Download the Archetype Quick Scan (below)
3Watch first part of video DAY 2 Test manual (spoiler alert!!! not yet the answers!!!)
4Do the Quick Scan
5Watch second part of video DAY 2 Test Manual the Answers
6Do the quiz to finish the lesson of Day 2

Which Archetypes enjoy the highest visibility?

Learn more about Archetypes?

You can learn more about Ellen Soentken’s Archetypes in her ebook The 7 Vices Lifesaver (PDF)

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