Hello Bonus Material
Just to welcome you to the Female Leadership Academy you will get a few bonus trainings.

  1. Buildyourimagein30days.com The instant version. Because you are an FLA-er for free.
  2. Getting warm for female leadership (inspiring examples and heartwarming quotes from famous women & women like you and me)
  3. First introduction to the model that will help you shape and build your female leadership: the 7 Vices Personality Type model.

Also You will be preparing for the FLA with a personality type test, so you will know which FLA lessons might be exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Right when you will start the course you will receive an invitation from Ellen Soentken to do the 7 Vices Personality Type test. If you have made this personality test (and there are no wrong answers, only answers that can give a good picture of your present personality profile, according to Ellen Soentken’s 7 Vices personality type model) you will receive your test statistics report in module 1.
  2. Spoiler Alert: In Module 3 Ellen Soentken will do a recorded PERSONAL 10 minute reading of your 7 Vices Test report. (<- that alone is for many the reason to enroll for this academy) To pinpoint your strongest archetype roles, your allergies and recommendations for personal development, according to what she makes up from your answers reflected in the 7 Vices Personality Type test.
Module 0: The Feminine Promiss
The Female Leadership Academy begins with giving you a head start with this Module Zero. In her years of research for her dissertation paper at the university and also later in her practice as a trainer & coach Ellen has found that women struggle more with a few themes than men. In order to give you a head start so you can enjoy the upcoming course material she will help you tackle these themes right on.

  • Lesson 1 Jumping over the power of habit
  • Lesson 2 Pinpointing the value of Femininity Lesson
  • 3 Understanding the public opinion
  • Lesson 4 Playing with Role expectations
  • Lesson 5 Clearifying your deepest desired future
  • Lesson 6 Tips for omnipresence & mobility
  • Lesson 7 Practical suggestions for your inner role model aspirations
Module 1: Everything you want to know about YOU!
This is a very fundamental part of the Female Leadership Academy. The gem in the beginning, for many.

  • Lesson 1. The 7 Vices Personality Type Model. We will start the FLA with the explanation of the 7 Vices Personality Type Model. Ellen Soentken will talk you through how this model works. She will unveil the difference between people who work predominantly with male vices and predominantly with the female vices. She will go into how strong (or overused) vices relate to certain archetypes. And she will tell you how balancing all vices (male and female, creator and destructor) will unfold your total personality, improve your personal effectiveness, bring that extra professional touch to your image and … broaden your female leadership skills. 7 Vices Model Copyright Ellen Soentken 2015
  • Lesson 2. How to read your 7 Vices Personality Type Report Ellen will show a few 7 Vices Personality Type report examples to tell you what you can learn from the statistics. What they can say about you, your strength, your allergies and your growth opportunities. In module 3 Ellen will be giving personal 7 Vices Personality Type Report readings for everyone who signs up for FLA. This is the ‘glad you stayed after the 30 day money back guarantee’ bonus. En te lessons that follow we go into all the specific archetypes, what makes them so relatable, when they are at their best and what they need to learn about themselves on their Vice level.
  • Lesson 2.1. Virgin / God
  • Lesson 2.2. Mini Virgin / Mini God
  • Lesson 2.3. Whore / Savior
  • Lesson 2.4. Evolution Eve / Evolution Adam
  • Lesson 2.5. Frump / Judas
  • Lesson 2.6. Mini Witch / Mini Devil
  • Lesson 2.7. Witch / Devil
Module 2: The perfect pitch
In this module we will go assemble the following lessons learned:

  • what you want to achieve, pick the first small goal
  • what are your strongest leadership skills, choose and revine the best skills
  • what are your best Archetype allies and mentors, profile your best


  • Lesson 1. The basic ingredients of a great pitch
  • Lesson 2. Working out your pitch Goal
  • Lesson 3: Designing your Pitch Message
  • Lesson 4. Working out the strategy for your Pitch Succes
  • Lesson 5. Pitch evaluations
Module 3: Dealing with your demons
This is a leadership muscle building module where you will deal with your demons. In the 7 Vices Personality Type Test you will see which vices you have in the dungeon and which you might be using in the wrong situations and with the wrong people. What is so nice is that we found that certain overuse or underuse of a vice relates to specific common issues we struggle with. Here are the most common lessons to deal with our demons and put them in the dungeon.

  • Lesson 1 Daring to connect with sensitive people
  • Lesson 2 Beyond the ‘why is this happening?’: Seeing the purpose and function of office politics
  • Lesson 3 Protecting what is yours, feeling and setting boundaries for yourself and how to communicate them to others
  • Lesson 4 How to stay centered. Making the distinction between your life lessons and other people’s baggage
  • Lesson 5 Saying yes to your golden opportunity, how to heighten your visibility and attract opportunities you want
  • Lesson 6 How to articulate what you do want, finding passion and purpose again
  • Lesson 7 Staying clear on your vision, how to be strong in office politics and still be able to see the big picture of your goals
Module 4. Office Politics for Ninja's
This is an essential part of leadership. The more people you lead. The bigger your responsibilities. The more office politics you HAVE to deal with. It is not a a choice of ‘doing’ office politics or not. It is playing office politics or. … being played. Here are the lessons to grow into a wonderful office politics ninja!

  • Lesson 1: Wake up!
  • Lesson 2: Focus on Power!
  • Lesson 3: Let time be on your side!
  • Lesson 4: Gather your allies!
  • Lesson 5: Prepare your game
  • Lesson 6: Play to win!
  • Lesson 7: From power to empowered! Epiloge: Wheel of fortune
Module 5. How to motivate people
Here we go into the specific archetypes, how to spot them and keep or get them motivated as much as possible.

  • Lesson 1. Virgin / God
  • Lesson 2. Mini Virgin / Mini God
  • Lesson 3. Whore / Savior
  • Lesson 4. Evolution Eve / Evolution Adam
  • Lesson 5. Frump / Judas
  • Lesson 6. Mini Witch / Mini Devil
  • Lesson 7. Witch / Devil
Module 6. Your Legacy
Ellen Soentken will share what she has seen and experienced in the key to building a legacy.

  • Lesson 1. Digging deeper. Finding your own legacy. The read thread in your life as the lead to your legacy.
  • Lesson 2. Making ‘stuff’ meaningful Translating your life experience, drive and desire into one meaningful tool for others
  • Lesson 3. Nurturing your brainchild
  • Lesson 4 Adepting to the situation and time
  • Lesson 5 Building from scratch Technical, practical tips to safeguard what is yours to give
  • Lesson 6. Why not everything happens when you want it to happen
  • Lesson 7. Passing the torch to the next generation.
Graduation Bonus
When you have finished the program the following lessons will become available:

  • The Marathon Career
  • Paying it forward: Tips in setting up vertical female sisterhoods
  • A keen eye on female talent: how to spot talent and guide it to greatness

The Academy will give you:

  • 30 Day Money Back ‘You Love it’ Guarantee
  • 77 Video lessons & Lifetime Access
  • Bonus emails to your inbox to keep you motivated
  • 1 Personality Type test & 1 recorded reading of the test report
  • 1 Ebook (the 7 Vices Lifesaver)
  • 4 Intensive group coaching calls
  • Scientific insights in methods for leadership skills & guiding your own personal development in a loving way.
Hi there! My name is Ellen Soentken. 15 Years ago I worked in a publishing firm and I was in a meeting that shook me up real big. I knew I was ready for a next step in my career. But whatever I did to prove myself ‘worthy’ of a higher managerial position nothing substantially upwards was happened with the career.  I was told to wait and trust. Again… I could not do it. I was too burned out. My resentment was too big. And I did not see a path that would get me where I wanted to be, then. The experience was disappointing: a waste of time, talents, loyalty and hope. Luckily I now have found a great way to boost your career with a agile confidence. It starts with acknowledging that sometimes not only skills & achievements matter, but your personality matters too.
You can think “oh, but that is not me. I prefer to work long hours and deliver excellent work. I want to move forward in live happy and on merit only”. But for what I have seen in the 13 years of guiding thousands female executives to their next success is this: Being excellent at what you do is a basic prerequisite to be considered. But if you really want a nice career you need ‘that’ what makes you special and have it shine like a gem: Your personality is the key to be chosen. I even have research that indicates correlations between certain personality types and their careers. Your personality makes the difference between being chosen for a job or told to wait (or worse). Now if you are a woman with a bit of ambition there are some things you cannot afford to neglect. Knowing exactly your unique strength and how to sell it is one thing. Dealing with the immense impact of office politics on your effectiveness is another.
By the way: Did you know that women tend to loose their promotion to a competing colleague with only 2 %, because they refused to participate in the game of office politics? OUCH!! What if you mastered a few smooth office politics Ninja moves (You’ll learn them in this academy). What if you find out that there is a personality type model out there that helps you understand who you are, who the other person is and what you can emphasize in your presence to finally be seen and valued for what you are really worth? And did you know that many people (colleagues, clients, superiors, family) appreciate it if you use your feminine touch in your career? Your people reading skills, your intuition, feminine charm, sense of giving meaning, clarfying, matronizing, social skills, to name only a few. You only need to know the how, when and where. The rest is already there. You will have triumphant days for yourself, your team and your family.  And I can guide you through it to your next success. Just sign up for the Female Leadership Academy.
I understand. We want to know that if we dress up a certain way (you know the right colors to your skin), use a few right phrases and use straight and proud posture we will get noticed and be respected at work. We might even get that promotion and make a ton or more. And even though the Female Leadership Academy will definitely give you clear guidelines on when to use a certain style in dress, act and speech I am a firm believer in common sense and gut instinct. And although I love seeing you all dressed in power mode I also will guide you to stay alert and awake to your effect on your surroundings. And what you want to achieve.
I remember the first aladytempts to give my leadership trainings & speeches. I was eager to succeed and I made a list of what other trainers were doing in their communication & teaching styles. Also I was peeking to the popular tactics in marketing and sales. So I had the right outfit, my hair was fine, I had the presentation, learned the right moves and had a big mission in empowering people. Female executives at that time in particular. And what happened? The trainings were sold out. I was asked to write a book about one special element in this female leadership empowerment training (the later bestseller De 7 Ondeugden van vrouwelijke managers, transl. The 7 Vices of female executives). But when I was giving the training I could not get a good chemistry with the women in the audience. I had to go back to the drawing board and clean up my own female leadership skills real quick! I threw away the tips from coaches and image consultants and former colleagues. But instead I used the very same model (the 7 Vices Personality Type model) I had developed to teach female executives to boost their female leadership skills and I took it to heart big big big time. It was amazing to see the evaluations rize higher and higher.  Speaking engagements flooded in. Workshops were sold out again and again and…  high appreciation grades.  I learned how to put to use the full potential of my personality, update my image and show that edge in my female leadership skills. According to the needs of the audience (or the person on the other side of the table). I reconnected with who I am and found ways to grow and become who I like to see myself ‘when I am older’. Luckily many years later I feel like the training or meeting room is my arena. Giving a training, speech, interview or meeting is not a task. It is a joy. 

Do you have questions? I have got you covered!

How wonderful would it be if you just could sum up and access all of the female leadership skills you were having at your fingertips right now? And that you would find this out without having to go with a clipboard next to the coffee machine? Or after visiting numerous wining networking events and talking to depressing coaches. It is possible. In the Female Leadership Academy we have an extensive personality test that addresses both your female and your male ‘vices’. In no time you know what kind of archetypes are your favorite at the moment. You will learn the strength of that archetype and also the downside of being really great in that kind of archetype niche. You will then learn what other archetypes there are available in the 7 Vices model, archetype spectrum. And you will know with which you will have a natural good click and with which you will have doomsday bad chemistry. Finally an aha and a why. You will be able to assess your present image and behavior habits and how it does justice (or not) to your total personality. And most importantly you will be able to streamline our present image with your ambition. It is not about just looking and feeling great. It is also about having the right chemistry with your colleagues and superior AND getting the desired results. This Female Leadership Academy will also give you the tools with which you can build on your legacy.
In just 6 weeks you will evolve from a stressed, frustrated and burned out person into your own confident, well respected female leader. You invest a lot of time to make people see and get your message. Respect the true you. And you are often not on track in creating your legacy. But if you don’t know what the other person needs to hear and see from you to really GET THE TRUE YOU into their heads and hearts you will be working overtime and doubting your own skills. You really do not have to try and adjust. There is a model available that helps you assess your own female leadership skills and the needs of others. Quick. Accurate and with the aim on the desired result. That promotion, that big break, that job, that. sale.that ultimate legacy. you name it. Getting you to build and sustain your female leadership skills like a pro so you can build your legacy is my mission with my Female Leadership Academy.
  • have a big career at the moment nor do I desire one in the near future. Will I be able to still profit from this program? Yes! If you would like to be more happy and also get more respect and compliments you will benefit from the Build Your Image program.
  •  know a thing about religion. Is that going to be a problem? No, the 7 Vices Personality Type model is known for that it is very easy to understand and work with. It uses the blueprint of the great stories.
  • know what I want with my career. Will this matter during the course?  No. You will be able to improve your position you have right now and find out what you want more of in the years to come. No pressure here. Take your time.
  • care much for my image. Why would I try this course? The female Leadership Academy is not just about image. It is more. Much much more. Look at the program and see. Maybe today is not the day. If you are interested than look at the page again. Maybe it is just what you were looking for but in the wrong places.