Work you visibility, authority and edge baby!
You know that if you want to climb up the career lather, get promotions, and make a career is by getting noticed and chosen!  And that one of the best ways to get noticed is to build your visibility is to make sure that the right people see you and chose you. In this free 30 day challenge you’ll learn the 4 most important facets of building your image so the right people see your quality and buy you! Without completely recreating your authenticity. If you’re going to build your visibility and work your reputation, I’ll help you do it the right way, clear, practical, fast.


“I am a Virgin, Which Archetype are you?”
This is a fun little quiz packed with free handouts for all main female leader archetypes. Are you a Witch, Whore, Virgin or a Frump? Find out what image message you are sending. You will get the 4 archetype style guides, packed with corporate style suggestions, colors, fonds, style icons and tips to get your image sharp, pretty and packed with the effective feminine charm!

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The Ideal Leadership Toolkit Checklist
Do you have the right tools to reach the next level in your career? Do you want to know what kind of leadership tools you need to have in place for your next promotion? I have written a practical checklist just for that. You can download my Ideal Leadership Toolkit checklist right here. 

Get your Diversity Project going with the free HR training 

Following the 30 minutes free “Career Development” training you will learn how to actually enable men and women to develop their careers. You will learn the basic things about women’s career development, you will get 5 Actionable tips that I give everybody who’s working on a gender diverse career development initiative and.. the big no’s you must avoid at all times if you want to transform that pesky gender task into a gender diverse career development succes.


How to understand your client better and make more money
Are you experiencing some frustration because it’s not easy to sell? I totally get it? Been there! In this training you’ll learn the 5 key steps you need to have in place to fulfill the buying needs of your client, 5 practical tips I give everyone who is starting out in sales and that I still use to this day and the biggest mistakes that you want to avoid if you want to survive in the business jungle. This is a training also will come in handy for not sales folks! Because not knowingly you are selling something every day: Kids to bed early? Dining with your friend in your favorite restaurant? Your promotion? Sold! Sold! Sold!

NEDERLANDS!!! Begrijp je klant en verdien meer geld
Vind je het moeilijk om te verkopen? Ik snap het? Been there! In deze training leer je de 5 kern stappen die je op orde moet hebben om je klant z’n koopbehoefte te vervullen, de 5 praktische tips die ik iedereen geef die begint met verkopen en die ik nog steeds gebruik en de grote fouten die je moet vermijden als je wilt overleven in de sales. Dit is trouwens een training die ook handig is voor niet sales mensen. Want uiteindelijk verkoop je allemaal wil iets vandaag: kids vroeg naar bed? uit eten met je vriendin in je favoriete restaurant? Je promotie? Verkocht! Verkocht! Verkocht!